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No, we use only the best paint material that is water-based, that does not have a lasting smell, and also we use Nippon Paint Odour-less Paints, that have almost zero smell to cater to clients who can’t bear the faintest of paint smell.

No, We have a system to start with when carrying out a paint job. We will always move furnitures to the middle of each living space before starting the work so that things will not be everywhere in your home. We will also ensure the furnitures will be moved back to the original position after completion.

That is untrue for Brighten Paints. Our main concern is about safety and protection of clients’ properties. It will be detrimental for everyone if we would stain every floor and furniture in the clients’ home. That is why we follow a strict process of providing and laying plastics sheets to protect the clients’ furniture and properties before painting works commence.

No, there is no requirement for the client to be around for the entire project. We will always have a prior meet up with the client to understand the environment and after that, we will have a project supervisor to delegate the jobs and supervise the working site.

No, we have a stringent process for our Parquet Varnishing Service to ensure our varnishing machines are of the latest technology that have bags to contain all the dust while sanding the parquet floor.

Yes, we provide a 1 year warranty against excessive peeling and discolouration.

Yes, we have a very stringent hiring process that we carry out for our painters prior to official employment. Further to that, our team of painters are subjected to rigorous training before they can be deployed to projects. Adding to our dedicated project supervisors, we are confident of our ability to deliver.

We believe in providing a reasonable pricing system for our clients. As the saying goes, how much you pay for will determine what you get. Nonetheless, we promise our services are nothing short of professional, value-added and peace-of-mind.

Brighten Paints utilises an efficient system so that a job will be completed in a specific time-frame. Rest assured we will keep within the schedule to ensure you see a satisfying outcome.

No, Brighten Paints provides on-site consultation free of charge. Contact us today!

We are a professional team and we believe in using only the best material for your projects. We welcome our clients to come to the working site and we will walk you through our processes and show you the materials we use. Read what our satisfied customers say about us.

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Brighten Paints is a Premium Painting Services Company that serves clients who appreciate good quality paint material, have high expectations for professional paint jobs and demands the perfect colour conceptualization that represents the Owners.

Through our ceaseless efforts to provide a safe and hassle-free environment for our clients, Brighten Paints has grown to become the Preferred Choice for busy professionals and smart homeowners in Singapore.

Brighten Paints is specialized in:

  • Condominium Painting Services
  • Landed House Painting Services
  • Commercial Painting Services
  • Nippon Paint Momento Painting
  • Office Painting Services
  • Wood and Metal Painting Services
  • Epoxy painting Services
  • Parquet Varnishing Services
  • Marble Polishing Services
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