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Many of us enjoy new and refreshing experiences. That is why, when we can afford the time and money, we renovate our houses every few years. Painting is one key component of this renewal and it is everyone’s wish to renovate their home in a relaxed, safe and professional manner.

Brighten Paints was founded on this basis, and we believe in only using the most eco-friendly & harm-less premium painting material for your walls, and at the same time, using the right colour conceptualization to bring out your personality and refined living standards. It is therefore, our mission to provide Premium Professional Painting Services for our valued clients whom mostly have high expectations but no time to oversee their Premium Professional Painting Services. Brighten Paints believe every Individual deserves the best for themselves.

Brighten Paints’ experienced team is well-trained to provide the following Premium Professional Painting Services:


About Our Founder

Being a professional with years of experience in the Singapore Paint Industry, Amanda Tan noticed that there is a group of clients who demands only the best material and professional service for their properties and homes. Passion-driven, Amanda started Brighten Paints to cater to this particular market with a group of well trained painters and an exclusive partnership with Nippon Paint , to provide Premium Professional Painting Services, with the best materials, for her dear clients.

Amanda‘s gift in colour concepts and cease-less efforts to provide a safe and hassle-free environment for her clients has enabled Brighten Paint to become the preferred choice for many busy professionals and smart homeowners in Singapore.

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We Use Only Authentic Nippon Paint Products

Brighten Paints believes in using authentic premium paint
products of the highest quality from Nippon Paint!
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Brighten Paints is a Premium Painting Services Company that serves clients who appreciate good quality paint material, have high expectations for professional paint jobs and demands the perfect colour conceptualization that represents the Owners.

Through our ceaseless efforts to provide a safe and hassle-free environment for our clients, Brighten Paints has grown to become the Preferred Choice for busy professionals and smart homeowners in Singapore.

Brighten Paints is specialized in:

  • Condominium Painting Services
  • Landed House Painting Services
  • Commercial Painting Services
  • Nippon Paint Momento Painting
  • Office Painting Services
  • Wood and Metal Painting Services
  • Epoxy painting Services
  • Parquet Varnishing Services
  • Marble Polishing Services
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